Rotec’s repair and overhaul service reduces running costs by 10% at leading manufacturer

Machine prior to overhaul
Overhaul completed, outer door refitted and ready for re-paint

Following a major failure during operation, a large flooring, MDF and OSB manufacturer asked Rotec to carry out extensive repairs on an industrial wood chipper.

Owing to the failure occurring whilst the machine was in use, the Maier Wood Chipper machine had suffered severe damage internally and so required a thorough repair and overhaul service.

After Rotec engineers stripped the machine and checked all components, it became apparent that the shaft bearing sleeves had failed, worn the housing and as the blades had come away during the failure, many internal parts were damaged and required either replacement or upgrading.

As the customer had issues with levelling up the impellor blades, Rotec checked the laser alignment and then ‘clocked’ the rear datum locating ring support pads on the machine. The support pads were found to have a 0.7mm difference in their positioning which, may have been a contributing factor to the issues leading to the initial failure. On discussion with the client, it was decided to build up the lower blocks and design and build a tool for machining the pads in-situ.

Once the chipper had been repaired, overhauled, re-painted and fitted back onsite at the customer’s facility, the client was so pleased with Rotec’s workmanship and project management that Rotec have now taken delivery of another unit from the same workshop for a complete overhaul.

The Engineering Managing of the flooring, MDF and OSB manufacturer has since reported that the overhaul and rebalancing of the machine is so good that the company is achieving a higher output rate and saving 10% on the machine’s previous running cost.

Laurence White, Business Development Manager for Rotec Hydraulics Ltd, commented;

“It has been a pleasure to be part of this thorough overhaul and repair service. Our team take pride in knowing that we have delivered a high level of workmanship and have not only helped to increase efficiency, but also have helped to reduce running costs for our client. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with our customer.”

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Rotec Completes Machine Overhaul with the ‘Wow’ Factor

Rotec Hydraulics Ltd have delivered a machine refurbishment project with the ‘wow’ factor.

A leading manufacturer of high quality, precision tubes asked the Rotec team to assess and quote for the refurbishment of an old tube manipulation machine. The unit which had been in situ for many years, required a complete overhaul to improve efficiency and to provide quality and robust workmanship, due to regularly working with the toughest specifications in high performance alloys (including stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloys).

After removing the unit and transporting it to Rotec’s Plymouth service centre in Devon, the tube manipulation machine was stripped and inspected. Following the quoting process and being awarded the contract to proceed, Rotec’s skilled engineers carried out a thorough overhaul of the hydraulics, mechanical and electrical control system.

On completion, Rotec engineers attended the client’s site and re-commissioned the unit. All of the works carried out by Rotec were project managed by an assigned manager, as with all our projects. This allows for quality client-supplier relationships and improves communications.

Following the re-commissioning, the customer stated that they are very happy with the unit and they are impressed with the workmanship and quality of the overhaul.

Established in 1979, Rotec Hydraulics is a leading fluid power expert; providing quality design, build, installation and maintenance of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical mechanical and electronic components and solutions to the Aerospace, Agriculture, Defence, Industrial, Marine, Transport and Utilities sectors throughout the UK and internationally. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, Rotec Hydraulics prides themselves on high operational standards.

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Rotec deliver custom upgrade and HPU builds for leading manufacturer

Recently designed and manufactured, engineers at Rotec Hydraulics Ltd have completed a bespoke project for a market-leading manufacturer.

The British-based company specialise in the manufacture of electronic valve actuators for large fluid flow applications, for example within the oil and gas, water and power industries. The actuators produced are a considerable size and as such, part of the development process includes dynamic load testing. The actuators connect to a test cylinder via a screw thread; as the actuators move the screw thread up and down, this in turn pushes and pulls a hydraulic cylinder.

 Full of hydraulic fluid, the operators were manually operating needle valves to restrict the flow of the hydraulic fluid within the cylinders in order to vary the amount of load on the actuator. Thus, Rotec design engineers developed two key upgrades to this current setup which were:

  • Electrify the load control valves so they can be operated by a computer.
  • Create a power pack which can induce a given pressure inside the test cylinder bores.

 The newly custom-designed system reuses the current cylinders that vary in size from 63mm in diameter to 203mm. To accommodate for this, different sized stands with varying tank sizes have been manufactured to accommodate the extra capacity whilst the control components remain the same. The stands consist of:

  • A custom powder coated steel frame.
  • An aluminium reservoir.
  • Dual electronic proportional pressure relief valves.
  • Dual manual needle valves.
  • Dual ball valves.
  • Quick connect ports for the power pack to connect to.
  • Output ports which connect to the test cylinder.

In addition to this, Rotec developed and built three identical standalone hydraulic power unit (HPU) systems which can create steady state pressures inside the test cylinders bores to eradicate erroneous pressure lag errors. Features include:

  • Powder coated mild steel tank construction.
  • 3 phase motor coupled to a gear pump.
  • Air blast oil cooler.
  • Direction control valve.
  • Dual proportional relief valve.
  • Electronic control box.
  • Stainless steel tool tray.
  • Whole unit is mounted on castors for easy manoeuvrability.

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Stroud Engineers Deliver Major Refurbishment Projects at BMW

Rotec engineers carried out a major refurbishment of the Feed Line and Press at a BMW plant in Gloucestershire.

Over 160 hydraulic hoses on the Feed Line, and 66 hoses on the Major Press were removed and new hoses made and fitted.

This was a challenging job due to the complexity of the machinery and included hoses on the Feed Line HPU (hydraulic power unit), Press and Overload/Protection/Lubrication HPUs. Feed Line Pneumatic cylinders, valves and tubings were also supplied and fitted, in addtion to a total of 48 existing hydraulic cylinders on the Feed Line removed and new cylinders fitted.

Further work taken on the Feed Line, Press and Overload/Protection/Lubrication HPUs included:

  • Draining of the working fluid and cleaning of the reservoir.
  • Replacement of pressure and return hydraulic filters, pressure and return.
  • Replacement of pressure and return hydraulic filters, pressure and return.
  • Resealing of duplex filter block.
  • Removal of existing and refitting of new motor pump sets.
  • Thorough cleaning and inspection.
  • Removal of existing and refitting of new air blast coolers.

All refurbishment works were carried out on time, in budget and to the client’s expectations and standards.