Hose Test Rigs for the Motorsport Industry

100% Achilles audit _Rotec Hydraulics Ltd

Rotec Hydraulics Ltd designed, built and commissioned two identical hose test rigs for a UK manufacturer who supplies world-leading racing teams with fluid transfer assemblies, hose and fittings.

UKCA/CE certificated and labelled, the test rigs are designed to provide regular and rigorous testing for a variety of flexible hose assemblies. The rigs were based on an existing design, but updated and improved due to the obsolescence of some of the components.

Measuring over 3 metres in length, the main capabilities of the test rigs include:

  • Testing hoses up to four hoses at a time
  • Testing hoses up to 250bar pressure using water as the medium.
  • An air supply is used to control the hydraulic (water) valves and is used to pressurize the water using a 60:1 air/water intensifier.
  • A low-pressure pump provides a means of flushing and pre-filling the hoses under test.
  • Clean, filtered and dried compressed air supply of guaranteed continuous pressure of 6 bar minimum.
  • Power supply of 240VAC 1 PH 50Hz 16A maximum for UK use.
  • Nominal test sequence, based on existing rigs, (i.e., prefill/flush, test, vent, purge).
100% Achilles audit _Rotec Hydraulics Ltd
100% Achilles audit _Rotec Hydraulics Ltd

Each rig consists of a grade 316 stainless-steel upper half, and a powder coated steel lower half and electrical enclosure.

The lower half consists of the water reservoir, an air tank, an intensifier, a low-pressure pump, pneumatically operated hydraulic valves and a pneumatic control system. All the valves, which water flow through, high-pressure pipework & reservoir are made of grade 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion. There are two lockable hinged doors on the front and three lockable panels on the rear to allow access for maintenance as well as internal led strip lights for enhanced lighting.

Inside the upper enclosure are eight ½” BSP ports (four either end) to which up to four hose assemblies can be installed for testing at up to 250 bar pressure. Bi-fold doors with transparent windows are fitted to enable access to the hoses, the doors are fitted with interlocks to ensure they cannot be opened whilst the hoses are under test. Internal led strip lights are built into the top of the enclosure to provide enhanced lighting. There is also a water filling point and drain which connect to a reservoir in the lower half of the rig.

Attached to the right-hand side of the rig is the Rotec designed lockable electrical enclosure which houses the customers electrical components. On the front face of the enclosure are controls for adjusting the test pressure, starting/stopping the testing cycle as well as an information screen displaying the results of the testing.

2 manually operated panel mountable air regulators were incorporated into the design. One is set and locked at 4.2bar inside the lower area (i.e., beyond the reach of the operator), the other panel mounted in the user control panel. This second unit is fed from the outlet of the former, ensuring the user cannot inadvertently set the test pressure to rise above the setting of the former and thus inadvertently (or intentionally) over-pressurise the system.

Rotec’s customer said:

“I am very pleased with the finished machine. As I expected, everything has been finished to a high standard.”

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Kitting Services and Hose Assemblies tailored to your needs

Looking to reduce inefficiency and increase your team’s capacity?

Eliminate non-value added activities and increase your productivity with Rotec’s Bespoke Kitting Service.


All components and sub-assemblies are labeled and packaged neatly together with a list detailing parts and quantities for your convenience. 

Whether you need basic to the most complex kits with multiple assemblies, Rotec Hydraulics delivers kit solutions to help you meet performance goals.


  • Simplifies Inventory Management: Reduces volume of individual components to stock manage.
  • Increases Productivity: Your team no longer need to pick parts from different areas. Instead they have a kit ready to go so they can get on with the job in hand.
  • Reduces Manufacturing Time: Kits are tailored to your needs and can include pre-assembled items.

Getting Started

  • Establish a Bill of Materials: Identify items and quantities.
  • Identify Packaging Requirements: Define custom tagging/labelling.
  • Specify sub-assemblies: Decide if any pre-assembled items are required.
  • Request Custom Quote: Email sales@rotec.net or phone 01823 348900 to speak to a member of our team. 
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Rotec confirmed as LEEA Full Member

Rotec Hydraulics Ltd are thrilled to announce that following a thorough audit they have achieved full membership status with the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, better known as the LEEA.

LEEA are a respected organisation dedicated to ensuring safety and quality across lifting equipment materials and supplier integrity. LEEA supports the education and quality procedures to ensure that safe practice is the everyday norm.

To become a full LEEA member, Rotec provided evidence of their activities within the lifting equipment industry and underwent a thorough compliance audit where the business’s processes were examined and assessed on their ability to uphold and maintain the exemplary standards required by LEEA. 

This thorough membership process ensures that only those who provide the highest-quality products and services can attain a membership.

When using a LEEA member, you can be confident that they are compliant to any and all relevant standards and legislation, competent, and are continually raising the standards of practice.

Quality Systems Manager at Rotec Hydraulics Ltd, Josie Chamberlain, commented,

“It is a fantastic achievement to have been confirmed as full LEEA members. Rotec are highly experienced at hydraulic projects for the lifting equipment industry, including being a well-renowned producer of bespoke hydraulic winch systems.


We look forward to continuing our work with LEEA, and ensuring we deliver expertly trained staff to all our clients.”

Hydraulic fuel system with integrated pipework solutions carried out by Rotec

Rotec engineers have carried out integration and commissioning of a hydraulic fuel system with pipework solutions on a brand new vessel for a prestigious boatbuilder.

After being let down by another supplier, the client requested Rotec to carry out the works following referrals made by others within the Marine industry who had given Rotec glowing reviews.

A reliable and efficient hydraulic fuel system, built with quality components, aids any vessel engine to run smoothly, avoid unexpected engine failures and ensure passenger safety. Additionally, built and maintained to a high standard, a hydraulic fuel system will be compliant with good practice and environmental regulations.

Rotec’s engineers, whose skills and experience span across multiple engineering disciplines – from hydraulics to electrical – installed and commissioned the hydraulic fuel system in line with the boatbuilder’s schedule of works.

The hydraulic tank design supports 2 hydraulic pumps, driven by 2 engines. The flow rate from each pump (45cc per rev) is estimated at a max 70LPM. The system also supports 2 thrusters, coolers and LS lines.

All pipework solutions used 50mm and 25mm stainless tube with 1.5mm wall thickness. This reduced the number of joints, whilst providing good circulation. Pipework materials centring on the use of rigid tube within the engine machinery space and completion of service points with flexible were employed where required. Finally, pipework was cleaned utilising the pelleting system and flushed.

All hoses were supplied by Rotec and supported by the Parker Tracking System (PTS). This labelling scheme enables a user to quickly scan any asset using a non-subscription, free mobile app. The asset’s technical specifications, including part number are then displayed, enabling efficient and accurate re-ordering of parts when required. App users can also set up service alerts to notify them of when a part’s lifespan is coming to an end.

For more information regarding Rotec’s capabilities, visit www.rotec.net. 

Minimising Downtime: Manufacturing Press Tube Replacement

Rotec’s technical team researched and implemented an innovative method to complete replacement tube pipework whilst keeping downtime to a minimum at a large car manufacturing plant in Gloucestershire.

Following damage occurrence on one of their press lines, the world-leading manufacturer required replacement Ø75×12.5 carbon steel tubes.

Traditionally, engineers would be required to remove the damaged tube in order to gather accurate measurements before being able to provide and fit replacements. The removal and installation processes would require manufacturer to shut down the machine during these times.

Downtime for a large manufacturer in the automotive industry can have huge implications operationally and financially. Always keeping the customer at the forefront of projects, Rotec’s technical team suggested using a 3D laser scanner to measure the pipework, in order to minimise downtime.

The 3D laser scanner not only meant that the machine no longer had to be turned off, but the measurements collected were incredibly accurate and minimised the influence of human error. Furthermore, the time required for Rotec engineers to be onsite removing pipes and then measuring them would be dramatically reduced – saving the customer costs due to reduced labour costs.

Once measured accurately, the design for new tubes created using CAD design software in-house at Rotec. In total, the measuring and design process was complete within 2 days.

Continuing Rotec’s commitment to utilising technologies, the tube ends were formed using the Parker HPF system, which eliminates the need for welding of the tube. Bespoke flanges were also machined to suit the formed profile of the Ø75mm tube and accommodate the bolt pattern of the existing connections. 

For more information visit www.rotec.net.

Rotec’s repair and overhaul service reduces running costs by 10% at leading manufacturer

Machine prior to overhaul
Overhaul completed, outer door refitted and ready for re-paint

Following a major failure during operation, a large flooring, MDF and OSB manufacturer asked Rotec to carry out extensive repairs on an industrial wood chipper.

Owing to the failure occurring whilst the machine was in use, the Maier Wood Chipper machine had suffered severe damage internally and so required a thorough repair and overhaul service.

After Rotec engineers stripped the machine and checked all components, it became apparent that the shaft bearing sleeves had failed, worn the housing and as the blades had come away during the failure, many internal parts were damaged and required either replacement or upgrading.

As the customer had issues with levelling up the impellor blades, Rotec checked the laser alignment and then ‘clocked’ the rear datum locating ring support pads on the machine. The support pads were found to have a 0.7mm difference in their positioning which, may have been a contributing factor to the issues leading to the initial failure. On discussion with the client, it was decided to build up the lower blocks and design and build a tool for machining the pads in-situ.

Once the chipper had been repaired, overhauled, re-painted and fitted back onsite at the customer’s facility, the client was so pleased with Rotec’s workmanship and project management that Rotec have now taken delivery of another unit from the same workshop for a complete overhaul.

The Engineering Managing of the flooring, MDF and OSB manufacturer has since reported that the overhaul and rebalancing of the machine is so good that the company is achieving a higher output rate and saving 10% on the machine’s previous running cost.

Laurence White, Business Development Manager for Rotec Hydraulics Ltd, commented;

“It has been a pleasure to be part of this thorough overhaul and repair service. Our team take pride in knowing that we have delivered a high level of workmanship and have not only helped to increase efficiency, but also have helped to reduce running costs for our client. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with our customer.”

For more information regarding Rotec’s capabilities, including the overhaul and repair service, contact sales@rotec.net or phone 01823 348900.