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Parker Tracking System (PTS)

Track and manage assets with ease with Parker Tracking System (PTS) labels. Features include the ability to retrieve product information, reporting, service scheduling and key metric alerts.

Asset Management Solutions

The easy-to-use Parker Tracking System (PTS) allows users to manage assets, retrieve product information, schedule service events, and so much more, using two platforms – the PTS Mobile App and/or the PTS Web App.

The PTS Apps are a simple way to record, manage and retrieve critical asset information. Providing fast, accurate, real-time product information.

Because tagged products can be replaced sight unseen, PTS eliminates the need to wait for removal before new parts can be acquired. Reducing transaction time means users can experience significant gains in productivity and equipment uptime.


Product Details

Include images, bill of material details, location information, specifications and other useful data associated with a unique asset.

Product Registration

Quickly add critical assets to a registered products list by simply scanning the PTS label barcode. This can be done quick and simply on-the-go with the PTS mobile app.

Service Alerts

Email and in-app notifications for scheduled, coming soon and past due service events. Quickly find assets based on pending status and view their service history.

Service Events

Capture and store a complete audit-quality history of all service and replacements. From the PTS Mobile app, select Service History for a quick look at all the past service events for a given asset.

Asset Replacements

Includes a ‘Fast Swap’ feature, for fast and simple product replacement. Designed for documenting the replacement of an old or worn asset.

Scheduling Replacements

Easily schedule service and replacement event reminders with the calendar selection tool and avoid missing critical maintenance anniversaries.

Creating Assets

Create serialised asset records on-the-go. Use pre-printed PTS labels or asset tags with an unused PTS ID, or create a new PTS ID which can be added onto the product later.

Supporting Documents

PTS provides access to attached documents, product guides, certificates, URL links and images for select products. View, print, save or email files to others from within the app.

Distributor Locator

The PTS ‘find feature’ allows users to search and retrieve location and contact details of all Parker distributors globally – including Rotec Hydraulics Ltd.

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