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Environmental sustainability

Rotec Hydraulics Ltd are a responsible business that identifies, plans and invests in solutions to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact. As part of being an environmentally responsible company we are committed to supporting our customers to become more sustainable by designing and offering more energy-efficient and eco-friendly engineering solutions. We also aim to reduce our own environmental footprint through active measures to improve our waste management, optimise our energy use and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainability is embedded within our company strategy and engrained into our daily business due to us having the necessary management frameworks, processes and systems in place. We have introduced a sustainability reporting system and are continuously identifying and working towards initiatives to monitor and drive our sustainability efforts.

Our aims

  • Reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 (compared with our 2021 Carbon Footprint Independent Assessment).
  • Achieve net zero by 2040. 
  • Design and engineer solutions for our customers that are energy-efficient and more eco-friendly.
  • Continuously report, identify and implement environmentally sustainable improvements throughout the business. 


Reduce our carbon footprint by 50%* before 2030.

Become carbon neutral and achieve net zero by 2040.

*compared with 2021 ‘Carbon Footprint Assessment’ data.

Our journey to Net Zero

In 2021, we were independently assessed as having 69,856kg CO2e. In 2022, 55,468kg CO2e was recorded. A reduction of 21%.

To achieve this 21% reduction we have:

  • Installed LED lighting.
  • Invested in EV vehicles where possible.
  • Reduced our gas usage.
  • Sourced alternative heating suppliers, reducing its carbon footprint affects to 0 kgs CO2e.
  • Sourced biofuels instead of oil to reduce fossil fuel consumption on-site.
  • Explore and invest in renewable technologies, such as Solar PV & Battery Storage.
  • Reduced our business, car and van miles through smarter, more efficient travel planning and encouraging video calls where site visits can be avoided without impacting our high standards of customer service.

Next steps

  • Renewable Energy Procurement – When the current electricity contract is up for renewal – seek a 100% renewable electricity contract. 
  • 100% Green Gas procurement – When current gas contract is due for renewal look to source 100% green gas from a supplier. 
  • Electrification of all company owned vans.
  • Create employee incentives for green travel/zero carbon miles e.g., Walk to workdays.
  • Run staff awareness sessions to get the whole team on board.
  • Research offsetting schemes.


All of Rotec’s service centres are ISO:14001 2015 certified.

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard that relates to a stringent and specific set of requirements all linked to systems of environmental management.

Revised in 2015, ISO 14001 brings an increased focus on sustainable development and supporting businesses to effectively manage the environmental challenges of the future. It is now the most widely recognised Environmental Management System (EMS) in the world and provides businesses with a framework for implementing sustainable practices. This includes covering issues such as the establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvement of an EMS.

Through the process of certification, Rotec has undergone audits at all company service centres with excellent results. Every one of Rotec’s locations have demonstrated the effectiveness of their EMS processes and the organisation’s commitment to becoming more sustainable and net zero in future years.   

Eco-friendly solutions

Our team are using the latest engineering technology to design environmentally-friendly alternatives compared to more traditional engineering solutions.

Rotec’s extensive product range, including Parker motion and control technologies, include an impressive range of highly efficient products, components and systems that will aid customers to reduce their carbon footprint. We design, distribute and provide technology solutions that enable our clients to be more efficient – saving time and energy. For example, our use of Parker Internet of Things (IoT) remote monitoring technology has helped users to reduce travel and associated environmental impact.

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