Pumps and Motors

Axial Piston Pumps

With swash plate, adjustable, for open circuit, PV series up to 350 bar, PVM series up to 280 bar and PVP series up to 250 bar.

In hydraulic systems with a working pressure of above 250 bar the most used pump type is the piston pump. The pistons move parallel to the axis of the drive shaft. The swash plate is driven by the shaft and the angle of the swash plate determines the stroke of the piston.

The valves are necessary to direct the flow in the right directions. This type of pump can be driven in both directions.

Vane Pumps

Vane pumps have a cam member carried upon a drive shaft in coaxial relationship. The axial sides of the cam member define annular cam surfaces which each engage an array of vanes disposed in a fixedly mounted stator. An interior portion of the drive shaft is hollowed to provide a fluid inlet to passages in the cam member which communicate with the cam surfaces.

With through-shaft option for multiple pump options, 4 bolt flange (ISO 3019/2 metric), fast response, wide range of controls for diverse tasks, low noise level and good efficiency.

Gear Pumps & Gear Motors

Heavy duty aluminium pumps and motors, PGP/PGM 500 series offer superior performance, high efficiency and low noise operation at high operating pressures, they are produced in four frame sizes, with displacements ranging from 0.8 to 70cm³/rev. A wide variety of standard options is available to meet specific application requirements.


Low speed Gerotor motor, low internal leakage and high volumetric efficiency. The roller vane rotor sets reduce friction and prolong service life. No internal check valves are required and extra plumbing is necessary. There is a wide choice of displacement ranges, flange and shaft options.

Berarma™ Variable Displacement Vane Pumps

Berarma PVS variable displacement vane pumps come in four nominal sizes (05-1-2-3) each of which is available in three different displacements. The PVS low pressure pumps (100 bar) (1450psi) are equipped with a Mechanical pressure regulating device. Pump components include a body, a drive rotor which houses the vanes, vanes that convey the fluid into the inlet and outlet chambers; a stator (mobile circular ring) for varying eccentricity and consequently displacement; side distribution plates with Axial hydrostatic compensation, which delimit the inlet and outlet chambers, a guide block balancing adjustment screw, a displacement adjustment piston, a maximum volume adjustment screw (available on request), a pressure regulating device and a pressure regulator.

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