JOSCAR accreditation

Rotec Hydraulics Ltd is pleased to announce that following a re-accreditation process, we continue with full accreditation to the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR).

JOSCAR is the accreditation system for the aerospace, defence and security sectors, allowing suppliers to demonstrate that they are “fit for business”.

The system was initiated by ADS and includes a growing number of prime contractors as registered buyers.

The accreditation process includes verification of company capability, quality assurance, information security, business continuity, insurance, financial health and ethical operations.

Josie Chamberlain, Rotec’s Quality Systems Manager, comments:

“We are delighted to have successfully renewed our JOSCAR accreditation. This recognises our commitment to provide specialist, quality assured resource to our clients within the defence and aerospace industries.”

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Bespoke hydraulic ring main and multiple air blast coolers installed at leading Aerospace Engineering company

Rotec Hydraulics Ltd was chosen by leading aerospace and engineering business to complete a 3-phase upgrade project to its existing Structural Test Lab (STL) hydraulic ring main. The team at Rotec successfully completed the project on time and to a high level of quality.

A global leader in Aerospace, Defence and Security, our client is a key supplier of defence and security equipment to the UK MoD, employing over 7,500 highly skilled personnel across 7 main sites throughout the UK.

A crucial asset at their Somerset facility is its Structural Test Laboratory (STL), which is responsible for mechanically testing critical aircraft components to destruction. As part of an ongoing development programme, the client wanted to create a dedicated and permanent hydraulic supply to its expanding fleet of testing equipment.

Rotec Hydraulics Ltd added several significant upgrades to the current system in three stages; install 4 air blast coolers, design and install a custom sub ring main within the new Fatigue Lab and finally to design and install a major upgrade to the existing distribution ring main.

As part of the second and final phases of the project, Rotec designed and built a number of bespoke pipework brackets, stands and manifolds all of which were FEA tested by our in-house design engineers to ensure they exceed the minimum design requirements set by the customer.

More than 21.5 metres of pressure and return pipework was manufactured on site using Parker’s unique High Pressure Flange system making for a very quick and efficient installation. The 80 x 10mm 6k steel pipework is capable of operating at 420 bar maximum working pressure and was connected using Rotec’s in-house designed “X-Blocks” which distributed the flow to numerous outputs.

Rotec’s capabilities are that of significant breadth meaning, unlike many competitors, Rotec is able to design, build, install, commission and maintain systems in-house to a consistently high standard. To find out more, visit our services page.

Rotec supports new immersive visitor experience at the Fleet Air Arm Museum

The Fleet Air Arm Museum will be wowing visitors with their new state-of-the-art, immersive Carrier Experience after a £1million refurbishment.

Rotec Hydraulics Ltd were pleased to carry out works on the hydraulic and electrical systems that are integral to the simulator experience at the museum, which houses aircraft and artefacts from the flying arm of the Royal Navy.

In addition to replacing over 50m of hydraulic hose, all hoses were uniquely identified using the Parker Hannifin PTS bar-code labelling system to ease traceability and future renewal. Rotec engineers also refurbished all hydraulic cylinders and repaired the two hydraulic pump units to ensure pressure and flow performance are maximised. Other works included replacement seals, filters and directional valves, strip and clean manifold assemblies and reservoir cleans.

Adjacent to the hydraulic works, Rotec carried out electrical works on the customer experience feature at the museum in the main pump room, remote control room and on the scissor lift which raises and lowers visitors during the simulation.

In the main pump room located control panel, Rotec removed existing obsolete Toshiba PLC unit hardware, and installed a newly supplied 24VDC 10A switch mode power supply module plus protective devices. A rewire the existing safety monitoring control relay and circuit was required to provide a dual channel redundant protective emergency stop circuit.

Rotec designed, supplied and installed replacement PLC hardware to replace the Toshiba module, which was then fully programmed with the required application specific logic code to ensure the scissor lift would rise and lower in time with the attraction’s audio-visual experience.

In the remote control room, Rotec supplied and installed an operator’s control station and local 24VDC power supply. The control station included a nominal 8” full colour touchscreen HMI device fully programmed with all existing and planned operator controls, indicators and alarms.

The works Rotec has completed in part of an overarching Carrier Experience. The new experience, which is dedicated to the memory of generous benefactor Vice Admiral Sir Donald Gosling KCVO, Vice Admiral of The United Kingdom, combines digital technology with the scale of a carrier flight deck to transport visitors from the pioneer years of the First World War, all the way to the modern HMS Queen Elizabeth class carriers of today.

Adam Gosling, of the Gosling Foundation comments,

“Vice Admiral Sir Donald Gosling KCVO, Vice Admiral of The United Kingdom founded the original Carrier Experience that opened in 1994 and has welcomed over four million visitors.


“To see the Experience reinvigorated and made meaningful and relevant for today’s audience is the perfect way to celebrate my late father’s enduring support of the Fleet Air Arm Museum. It reflects a mutual vision to preserve and showcase the proud history of British naval aviation. His generous legacy gift has enabled, once again, the illustrious tale of Britain’s aircraft carriers to be told, and enjoyed, for many more generations to come.”

Professor Dominic Tweddle, Director General of The National Museum of the Royal Navy says,

“The re-imagining of the Carrier Experience to include the Queen Elizabeth Class, the pride of the British fleet, demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the history of naval aviation and telling the story of the contemporary navy. This mix of heritage and modernity mirrors the projects that Vice Admiral Sir Donald Gosling KCVO, Vice Admiral of the United Kingdom so generously supported over the years.


“I am certain that the work of the staff team, contractors and corporate partner Lockheed Martin has brought to life the Carrier story in the way that Sir Donald had in mind when he made his legacy gift.  It is both an honour and a pleasure to recognise his lifelong support with this exhibition, which is housed in The Gosling Hall.”

Rotec were chosen to complete the works due to their impressive ability to combine hydraulics with complex electronic control systems. The works were completed in a matter of weeks, on schedule and to a high standard.

For further information on the expansive range of services Rotec offers, including case studies of other works, visit

Rotec Hydraulics Ltd announces SC21 Accreditation

Rotec Hydraulics Ltd is pleased to announce it has achieved SC21 accreditation, an industry recognised standard.

SC21 is a continuous supply chain improvement programme for the UK aerospace and defence sector industries.

 Endorsed by the major UK aerospace and defence organisations, including the Ministry of Defence, the SC21 accreditation is a formal recognition process which reflects Rotec’s contribution and commitment to its supply chain.

To achieve an SC21 accreditation, Rotec’s multi-skilled operational team had to commit to achieving and maintaining a set of standards and improvement frameworks to supply chain development.

Paul Prouse, Rotec’s Managing Director said,

“Here at Rotec Hydraulics Ltd, we pride ourselves on the quality performance and delivery of all our products and services. We are committed to successfully meeting our customers’ requirements and providing exemplary customer service.

Rotec Hydraulics Ltd offers a wide range of engineering services and products to high profile clients across the aerospace and defence sectors. Achieving the SC21 accreditation is testament to the team and their determination to continually improve the business to meet the challenges of the markets in which we operate. It is a standard that we are very proud to have reached.”

Rotec has a long history of providing engineering services to both the aerospace and defence sectors. Capabilities include onsite installation and commissioning, electronic control systems, diagnostics equipment and training packages. The business specialises in bespoke test rigs, flushing rigs and hydraulic power units featuring total system integration.

Find out more about the services Rotec offers at

Defence Hose Assemblies

Hose Assemblies forJackal HMT

The Jackal HMT series is a supremely versatile platform with unparalleled cross‑country performance.

 Already well-proven in the harsh terrain of the Afghanistan battlefield, the 400 has a unique air suspension system that allows the selection of a variable ride height to match the terrain and also, enable internal loading within CH-47 Chinook.

 Rotec supported Babcock (DML) in 2009 with production of hose assemblies for the Jackal.

Rotec’s technical expertise, infrastructure and ability to utilise Parker technologies enabled the supply of the specialist hose kits suitable for hydraulic and auxiliary services. Kits were supplied fully assembled and tested.

Warship Power Units & Reservoir

After 4 months work replacing hydraulic pipework on a warship, Rotec’s engineers needed to flush the pipes to meet the required cleanliness standards. Due to a change in conditions on board the decision was made to design and build modular bespoke power units and a standalone reservoir.

Rotec have a long history working with the defence industry and specialise in bespoke design and manufacture of hydraulic power units for marine applications, amongst others.

Our team designed and built the power units using 55Kw electric motors close coupled to Berarma Vane pumps and included a flowmeter and a pressure gauge. The Berarma pumps are pressure compensated with variable flow rates. This gives the operators the flexibility to tailor flows and pressures thus ensuring turbulent flow conditions are met to maximise the cleaning action.

Electrical control panels are mounted direct to the trollies to allow ease of use

The power units are fitted with castoring braked wheels for easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces. The Rotec team also designed and manufactured a standalone reservoir, suitable for multiple applications and high volume (fluid) displacement, enabling maximum flexibility as design changes can be incorporated or removed as desired. The system includes pressure return filters which help remove any contaminants from the existing system, ensuring the pipes comply with client specified level of cleanliness.

Rotec delivered to the tight deadline, with just 1 week turnover.

Date: 26/09/2019

Author: Sarka Humpolcova