After 4 months work replacing hydraulic pipework on a warship, Rotec’s engineers needed to flush the pipes to meet the required cleanliness standards. Due to a change in conditions on board the decision was made to design and build modular bespoke power units and a standalone reservoir.

Rotec have a long history working with the defence industry and specialise in bespoke design and manufacture of hydraulic power units for marine applications, amongst others.

Our team designed and built the power units using 55Kw electric motors close coupled to Berarma Vane pumps and included a flowmeter and a pressure gauge. The Berarma pumps are pressure compensated with variable flow rates. This gives the operators the flexibility to tailor flows and pressures thus ensuring turbulent flow conditions are met to maximise the cleaning action.

Electrical control panels are mounted direct to the trollies to allow ease of use

The power units are fitted with castoring braked wheels for easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces. The Rotec team also designed and manufactured a standalone reservoir, suitable for multiple applications and high volume (fluid) displacement, enabling maximum flexibility as design changes can be incorporated or removed as desired. The system includes pressure return filters which help remove any contaminants from the existing system, ensuring the pipes comply with client specified level of cleanliness.

Rotec delivered to the tight deadline, with just 1 week turnover.

Date: 26/09/2019

Author: Sarka Humpolcova