Rotec Hydraulics Ltd are a responsible business that identifies, plans and invests in solutions to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact. 

We are delighted to report a 21% reduction in CO2e emissions during 2022, compared with the previous year.

To achieve this, we have implemented changes such as installing LED lighting, investing in EV vehicles where possible and by sourcing biofuels instead of oil to reduce fossil fuel consumption on-site. Further, we have reduced our gas usage and sourced alternative heating suppliers, reducing its carbon footprint affects to 0 kgs CO2e.

The biggest independently recorded reduction is that of our business, car and van miles – which has had a significant impact on our carbon footprint and is helping us to achieve our Net Zero ambition.

Rotec’s next steps include investing in renewable technologies, such as Solar PV & Battery Storage, creating staff awareness sessions and employee incentives for green travel/zero carbon miles, in addition to procuring a 100% renewable energy provider.

Sustainability is embedded within our company strategy and engrained into our daily business due to us having the necessary management frameworks, processes and systems in place. This includes our ISO 14001 certification – an internationally recognised standard that relates to a stringent and specific set of requirements all linked to systems of environmental management.

For more information of Rotec’s Environmental Sustainability policies, updates and aims please visit