Remote Controls


The VPO4 is a stackable, pneumatic control-pressure valve intended for the proportional, pneumatic remote control of directional valves, positioning cylinders etc. It can be supplied with a coordinate lever (joystick) or different linear levels.


The PCL4 is a stackable hydraulic control-pressure valve intended for the proportional, hydraulic remote control of directional valves, pumps with variable displacement, positioning cylinders, etc. It can be obtained with a coordinate lever (joystick), linear lever or foot pedal as the activating device.


Series PVC6 is a bankable valve assembly used for remote control of directional control valves. The proportional pressure reducing valve creates a pressure proportional to the inlet current. Solenoid coil voltage is available in 12 or 24 volt. The inlet section can be equipped with a pressure reducing valve to protect the control sections, (max inlet pressure to control section is 50 bar).


The ICL4 lever unit has many well thought out functions. The unit are lightweight with small installation dimensions and low, well adapted lever forces. They are available with different types of handle and with different optional functions. This gives machine manufacturers great flexibility in the creation of ergonomic, functionally correct cab environments.

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