IQAN-TOC2 valve driver module


The IQAN-TOC2 is a simple task oriented controller in the IQAN product group. This unit is designed for ease of setup, weather resistance, and safety.

The TOC2 is a general purpose unit that can control two bi-directional valve sections or two cartridge solenoids simultaneously. The IQAN-TOC2 communicates with a variety of input and output devices. It has current mode (current closed-loop) or PWM mode (voltage open-loop) output for valve control. The analog inputs accept signals from joysticks or potentiometers. Two digital inputs can be used to read switches.

The IQAN-TOC2 has a simple mechanical interface for calibration. With a preloaded personality from the factory, setup can be easily performed on the machine using a screwdriver. Adjustments possible include threshold, maximum output and slopes. The TOC2 may also be connected to a PC and programmed using IQANdevelop software to change the functionality of the controller. This advanced feature allows the TOC2 to be used in more demanding applications.

The housing is designed to be rugged, but light and has a sealed, automotive AMP junior-power timer connector. The IQAN-TOC2 has a membrane to prevent condensation inside the housing. This controller is designed for the outdoor environment.

The TOC2 is made using selected components and conforms to strict international requirements.

Diagnostics: If an error is detected an LED on the top of the controller flashes a sequence to indicate the nature of the error.

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