IQAN ST pressure transducer


The IQAN-ST temperature transducer belongs to the family of IQAN accessories developed to complement IQAN control systems. IQAN-ST is a 0-5V output temperature transducer for mobile hydraulic applications. This transducer is available in three interface types; G1/4 BSP, M10 and 9/16”-18 UNF SAE 6. The G1/4 BSP and M10 sensors have an integral Bosch automotive connector. The SAE 6 sensor has a short cable-mounted Deutsch connector.

The IQAN-ST has stainless steel construction for strength. The PT100 sensor uses thin film technology with internal amplification. All versions of the sensor have high pressure capability. The IQAN-ST is very robust and able to withstand heavy vibrations.

The design of the IQAN-ST has an EMI cap that separates the sensor electronics from the connector. This ensures a high level of EMI protection.

The IQAN-ST is well designed for the mobile hydraulics industry. The 3 pin integral connector is a sealed AMP Junior Power Timer (Bosch Jetronic) type. The Deutsch connector is the DT04 type. Both connectors are designed for automotive use. These connectors give the sensor IP65 protection for exposed outdoor applications. The hex of the G1/4 BSP and M10 versions of the transducer have integrated face seals to eliminate loose sealing washers. The SAE 6 sensor type has a factory installed o-ring. These features provide for easy installation and removal, even in field conditions.

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