IQAN-LSL Analogue lever


The IQAN-LSL is an analog lever in the IQAN product group. This lever focuses on compact design, weather resistance and safety.

The LSL is a single-axis joystick, 0.5 – 4.5 Vdc, intended for the proportional control of one doubleacting hydraulic function. The lever has several options including a manual neutral detent and a switch in the top of the handle. For 24V systems there are solenoid detent options at full stroke in the minus direction or both plus and minus directions. A solenoid detent at 75% in the B (minus) direction is also available. The LSL can be mounted in the armrest or on the dashboard in mobile vehicles. It has a comfortable grip and is easily actuated for good ergonomics.

The IQAN-LSL is lightweight with small installation dimensions. The ergonomic design assures a comfortable grip from several angles. Mounting screws are installed from underneath for a clean appearance of dashboard, panel or armrest.

The standard IQAN-LSL has an IP65 rating above the flange and the cable has a choice of either a Saab sealed AMP junior-power timer connector or a Deutsch DT series transportation connector.

The IQAN-LSL is a spring centered, dual sensor device. The optional switch in the top of the handle can be used to detect operator presence. The dual sensors provide 0.5 – 4.5 Vdc and 4.5 – 0.5 Vdc outputs which allows error checking to meet high safety requirements. All inputs and outputs are protected against short circuit to ground. The LSL is well suited as a control unit for a variety of valve drivers.

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