Proportional Directional Control Valves

Direct Operated Proportional DC Valve Series D1FT

The D1FT directional control valve of the nominal size NG6 (CETOP 3) is a proportional valve providing variable flow rates.

This valve is used with integrated control electronics. Typical applications are; soft switching via adjustable ramps for the reduction of hydraulic and mechanical shocks, electrically adjustable flow rates/speeds for automating machine functions.

Pilot Operated Proportional DC Valve

The D*1FW or D*1FT pilot-operated DC valves are available in NG 10 (CETOP5), NG16 (CETOP7 and NG25 (CETOP8).

These valves (*1FW) are controlled electrically with external power amplifiers or used as valves with integrated electronics (D*1FT).

Typical applications include reproducible control actuator speed in rapid/slow speed profiling and smooth acceleration and deceleration performance.

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