Manifolds are used to save space when connecting several directional control valves to a common pressure and return line.

Diverse switching arrangements are possible when used in combination with intermediate plate devices and directional control valves. Plugs without designations must not be removed.

Because of the large drilling diameters the pressure drop through the manifold is very low. P and T ports are located on both front faces. All connection ports are designated.

Gauge Isolator Valves

The gauge isolator valve protects the gauge against damage from pressure surges. As soon as the button is released, the valve automatically bypasses the fluid to the reservoir. This maintains the pressure gauge accuracy and prolongs its life expectancy.

Pressure Switches

Electro-hydraulic pressure switches provide an electric signal when sensed pressure rises above or falls below the selected setting.

The spring loaded piston is hydraulically dampened, the pressure difference cannot be set, but is given by the switch hysteresis.

The required operating pressure is adjusted by a set-screw. Unauthorised adjustments may be prevented by fitting a cylinder lock. The electric element is a micro switch with snap-action contact. Three terminals permit application as “on”, “off” or “changeover” switch. The electrical connection is made with a 3-pole plug-in connector to DIN43650 with ground. The plug-in connector is also available with an indicator light.

Pressure Intensifiers

Pressure intensifiers are used wherever a particular section of a hydraulic system has to be pressurised to a substantially higher pressure than the available primary pressure allows (clamping functions). With an intensification ratio of 1 : 4 (1 : 2) it enables a cost-effective system solution especially in clamping applications, with primary pressures up to 125 bar. A pilot operated check valve can be flanged underneath the pressure intensifier for a quick filling and decompression of the high pressure section.

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