Flow Valves

Cartridge Type Needle Valves

Needle valve with steel body as screw-in valve for block insertion, optionally with a 30° taper, V notch or rectangular slot. The form of the metering opening influences the fineness of the volume-flow adjustment, which is of course pressure and viscosity dependent. The needle is made of stainless steel and fits into a ring gap in the valve cartridge.

Throttle Check Valves

The throttle check valves of series F allow the adjustment of the flow rate for a defined flow direction. The medium can flow back in the opposite direction via the built-in check valve with little flow resistance.

A two-stage needle allows for very exact setting of smaller flow rates with the first three rotations of the adjustment knob. After 3 more rotations, the valve is completely open. The valve setting can be locked using a locking screw.

Flow Control Valves

2 way flow control valves for pressure compensated regulation of the flow rate. As a consequence of pressure changes, the set value can vary by +/- 5% within the tolerance range. Changes in viscosity and in temperature have the same effect and are to be observed.

Proportional Throttle Valves

The 2-way proportional throttle valves of the TDA series are used to control large oil flows. These valves are designed with 3 stages. The valve poppet is pilot-operated by a sequence spool with seat construction. A magnetic, infinitely variable, adjustable valve with force feedback controls the position of the sequence spool, thus the position of the poppet cannot be affected by different pressure.

Accumulator Discharge Valves

Accumulator discharge valves are preferably used in hydraulic systems where high volume flow rates are discharged from hydraulic accumulators over a short operating period (in the range of milliseconds).

Typical applications are, for example, injection moulding and die casting machines as well as pressing machines of all types.

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