Directional Control Valves

3/2-way Seated Type Directional Control Valve

The directional valve type D1SE is equipped with a wet pin armature solenoid, drain free tapered poppet valve and compatible with the standards DIN NG06, CETOP 03 and NFPA D03. Due to the 3/2 way design, port A is either connected with P or discharged in the tank. The neutral position (solenoid not activated) is taken automatically by a return spring, this position remains until the solenoid has energised.

The valve poppet including activation lever and armature of the solenoid are located in the pressurised oil chamber of connection T. The valve poppet is designed such that there can be no differential area in its axial operational direction (opening, closing). Thus it is statically pressure-balanced so that the valve can be switched in both flow directions even under pressure.

The unit has an all-steel design, the important functional inner parts are hardened, the poppet and seat are grinded.

Spool Valves/Directional Valve (Electrically Operated)

The D1VW series is a 3 chamber, electrically controlled 4/3 or 4/2 way directional control valve. It is activated directly by solenoids with screwed in wet pin armature.

The coils can be exchanged for various input voltages, however, a change between alternating (AC and direct current (DC) is not possible.

Pilot Operated Directional Control Valves

The P, D9P and D11P are hydraulically controlled 4/3 or 4/2 way directional control valves. The valves are operated by the pilot ports X and Y via the sub-plate.

Pressure and flow of the pilot oil have a significant influence on the response time of the spool.

The minimum pilot pressure must be ensured for all operating conditions of the directional valve.

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