Check Valves

Shuttle Valves

The Shuttle valve series SSR is designed as a threaded cartridge valve. All parts are assembled in one unit and enable easy mounting.

Check Valves

The Check Valve series SPZBE are slip-in cartridge valves. The function unit is fixed inside the manifold by a plug with a hex slot.

Check Valve Hydraulically Pilot Operated

Valve without pre-relief. The valve element is a ball and guarantees a fast opening of the full flow section diameter A to B during the opening operation. The switching speed of the spool is damped. Valve with pre-relief. The valve element is a spherically grinded piston (ball seat) with integrated ball check valve that is opened already prior of the main piston during the opening operation and opens a throttling section diameter for a shock free relief of the consumer volume. It should be used primarily for high operating pressure levels and large consumer volumes. An additional throttling of the pilot fluid line increases the damping effect of the pre-relief.

Check Valve, Pilot Operated

Pilot operated check valves of the series CP allow free flow in one direction (A to B). The counter flow direction (B to A) is blocked. By applying the pilot pressure, the poppet can be lifted from its seat against the pressure in Port B. Thus flow in the counter direction is also possible. There are 1 and 2 stage poppet available with pilot ratios of 1 : 5 and 1 : 40, to suit different operating conditions.

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