Berarma Vane Pumps

Berarma PVS variable displacement vane pumps come in four nominal sizes (05-1-2-3), each of which is available in three different displacements.

The PVS low pressure pumps (100 bar) (1450psi), are equipped with a MECHANICAL pressure regulating device.

Pump components comprise a body, a drive rotor, housing the vanes, a stator (mobile circular ring) for varying eccentricity and consequently displacement, and side distribution plates with AXIAL HYDROSTATIC COMPENSATION which delimit the inlet and outlet chambers. A guide block balancing adjustment screw (not to be tampered with by the user), a displacement adjustment piston, a maximum volume adjustment screw, a pressure regulating device, and a pressure regulator adjustment. Please see our PDF catalogues for further information.
THE NEW BERARMA 01 PHV. PRESSURE COMPENSATED VANE PUMP 250 bar wp. Rotec Hydraulics Ltd, have been Distributors for the Berarma range of Pressure Compensated Vane Pumps for over 20years . This has been one of our most popular brands we have sold over the years, with a proven track record for service and reliability. Rotec would like to introduce the latest innovative design of pumps from Berarma , which will not only be pressure compensated, but at an increased working pressure at 250bar. They come in two frame sizes, the ever popular ( 05 range to 16cc) and the size (1 frame to 32cc.) The 05 also has the Standard Euro FGR2 mount, and the size 1 ‘F’ mount can be arranged for tandems. The 01PHV pumps have the same facility to make the remote pressure control to LS control (see the main catalogue for the options). Download your copy of the new Berarma 01 PHV1 Catalogue and 01.PLP.05 from our catalogue section, Contact Rotec Sales Team for further information and pricing on 01823 348900.

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