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Richard Renfree supplied following info:

– End user: Leonardo Helicopters, but Rotec are supplying to Keyford

– Project discussions started in Nov 2019

– Has been in the making from May 2020

– For use in the military: testing the system that assist helicopter landing on military vessels



  • For use with Mineral hydraulic fluid based upon AeroShell Fluid 41.
  • Electric motor 3kw, 220VAC 60HZ,  1 Phase.
  • Fixed delivery hydraulic pump to supply a nominal 10 L/Min at 140 Bar.
  • Hydraulic reservoir – Nominal 70ltr Cast Aluminium base with a Aluminium reservoir lid fitted with the following items:-
    • Electric motor & Pump set (Above) vertically mounted (Pump below reservoir lid)
    • Filler breather
    • Visual oil level sight gauge
    • Pressure filter, with visual filter condition indicator and internal by-pass valve
    • Return line filter, with visual filter condition indicator and internal by-pass valve
    • Hydraulic manifold assembly with:-
      • Pressure relief valves to limit the maximum pressures
      • Electrical Un-load / Loading hydraulic control valve


Hydraulic reservoir – fitted with the following items continued:-


    • Electrical Low oil level switch
    • Frame to support power unit and accumulator fitted with castor Wheels – two fixed and two swivel castors incorporating brakes & fitted to the reservoir  feet.
    • Steel hand pump to achieve the highr system pressure requiremnt of 210Bar. Max working force required at 210Bar using 600mm lever is 25kg.
    • Manual decompression valve
    • 5 Litre accumulator precharged to 80Bar with safety block for safe isolation/discharge.
    • 4 x 20 Litre containers of Aeroshell 41 hydraulic fluid***


Also fitted to the power unit would be:-


  • Quick release couplings and connecting hoses to accept harpoon test frame. (2 off 5 meter hoses)
  • Electrical control panel – Motor starter and 28vdc supply for harpoon test frame
  • Electrical control panel to be mounted on power unit incorporating.
  • DOL Starter with Thermal magnetic circuit breaker
  • Lockable panel isolator
  • Emergency stop – Dual chanel safety monitoring relay for the emergency stop circuit
  • Panel indicator lamps for oil low level, motor overload and E stop healthy
  • 28VDC supply for harpoon test rig.
  • Panel mounted digital pressure display