Hydraulic Hose

Rotec supplies; high, medium and low pressure hydraulic hoses, steam hose, PTFE hose, smooth bore, convoluted PTFE hose, twin-line and multi-line hoses

Parker Push-Lok Hose

Can be used for all low pressure applications e.g. robot’s in the automotive industry, packaging machines, pneumatic tooling etc.

  • Easy assembling without clamps.
  • For the automotive industry also available in “free of any wetting disturbance solvents” (labs fee).
  • Construction: synthetic rubber tube and cover 1 layer of textile, variety of colours for the outer cover.
  • Working pressures: up to 2.5MPa
  • Temperature range: -49°C → + 149°C

Polyflex/Parflex High Pressure Thermoplastic

  • Outstanding flexibility.
  • Low volumetric expansion.
  • Small bend radius.
  • Light weight.
  • Single or multiple lines with crimped couplings.
  • Assembly in your workshop using the Polyflex/Parkrimp assembly system.
  • Working pressures: up to 70MPa
  • Sizes: -2 to -20.
  • Temperature range: -57°C → +120°C.

Polyflex Thermoplastic Ultra High Pressure Hoses

  • Applications include; hydraulic tools, tension elements, test rigs, metal forming and off-shore.
  • Crimped couplings of special steel with maximum operating safety.
  • Assembly and testing with Polyflex workshop equipment.
  • Construction: thermoplastics reinforced with 2-8 spiral layers steel wire.
  • Sizes: -2 to -16.
  • Working pressure: up to 400MPa at size -3 and 90MPa at size 16.
  • Temperature range: -57°C → +120°C.

Parkrimp Compact No-Skive

The hose design for the future. Whenever you ask for small bend radius together with high pressure ratings and special requests concerning temperature and chemical resistance you need a ‘specialist’ out of the compact hose and fitting range.

  • Working pressures: up to 40.0MPa
  • Sizes: -4 to -16.
  • Temperature range: -50°C → +149°C

Parker High pressure No-Skive

The protective cover of these hoses does not need to be removed before assembly.

  • Available with high or low temperature lining.
  • Phosphate ester resistant lining.
  • High abrasion resistant cover.
  • Constant pressure rated hose.
  • Vulcanised twin-line configuration.
  • Working pressures: up to 400 bar, sizes -3 to -32.
  • Temperature range: -40°C → +100°C.

Parkrimp Multispiral No-Skive

The complete range of Multispiral is available from; 4SP/4SH, SAE R12, R13 and R15, without the need to skive either the cover or inner lining. The Parkrimp System guarantees a total grip connection between the shell and the reinforcement.

Parkrimp No-Skive

  • Connection with safety.
  • Working pressures: up to 44.5MPa
  • Sizes: -6 to -32.
  • Temperature range: -40°C → +121°C.
  • Standards: to SAE J343 / DIN20024/20066.

ParLok – Heavy Duty Products

Are suitable for high flex-impulse applications and high vibration applications.

The ParkLok design is approved by the German Accident Prevention & Insurance Association (Berufsgenossenschaft) conforming to EN201 (approved for injection moulding machine applications).

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