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A-Lok and Instrumentation

The A-Lok twin ferrule fitting consists of four precision engineered parts designed to provide secure leak proof joints capable of satisfying high pressure, vacuum and vibration applications.

Fittings are supplied complete and ready for use. The front ferrule swages onto the tube as it moves down the cone of the body creating a pressure/vacuum-tight seal on both tube and body by the interface pressure and surface finish of mating components. The Suparcase back ferrule then deforms inwards in the cone of the front ferrule, forming into the tube and creating a strong mechanical hold on the tube.

The internal diameter of the body and nut are closely controlled diameters which constrain the tube within a close tolerance of its axis ensuring accurate alignment within the assembled fitting.

Also available in the instrumentation range:

  • CPI high precision single ferrule tube fittings
  • Instrument quick couplers – Pipe fittings
  • Weld fittings – Pressure transmitter manifolds
  • Instrumentation needle valves and rising plug valves
  • Ball valves – checks
  • Filters and sampling cylinders
  • Instrument enclosures

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