Bespoke Winching System for Polaris 1000 HD ATV

Ever considered how Over Head Line maintenance teams get their tools ‘up’ on to pylons to enable them to carry out their work?  One answer is with Rotec Hydraulics’ help.

At Rotec Hydraulics the Team, work on many different projects.  Much of the work undertaken requires the integration of knowledge and skills from across the Rotec team, to deliver all of the elements that make up a client brief.

One such brief was to enable these incredibly gutsy all-terrain Polaris 1000 HD Rangers to help Over Head Line maintenance teams access their tools, whilst working off the beaten track and when needed at height. 

 For one utility company the skilled Rotec team designed, built and installed bespoke hydraulic and electric Capstan Winching Systems to a fleet of all-terrain vehicles, to enable utility staff to ‘winch up’ the items they need, when working at height.

The all-terrain Polaris 1000 HD Rangers are used daily to support overhead line operations in the utilities sector.  The low ground compact build of the Polaris is perfect to access difficult to reach areas when repairing or undertaking planned activity in the utility sector.  Their confined flatbed behind the cab, is ideal to hold and secure Rotec’s bespoke Hydraulic Power Pack, powering the Capstan Winch.  Electricity pylons are by the nature of their role, often positioned off the beaten track and are accessed across all sorts of terrain.

The whole winching system was designed, tested, built and attached to multiple vehicles by Rotec Hydraulics in their large workshop space at the Taunton branch using the skills of the specialist hydraulic Design, Build and Installation team.

The hydraulic and electric winching system ensures when these mighty little vehicles and crew reach challenging locations, they have everything needed to hoist tools up on to a pylon, to carry out overhead cable maintenance and repair work.

When in the middle of nowhere there are times when the utility company over headline maintenance staff will not be beside the winch system to physically push buttons, to engage the winding mechanism.  Therefore, when designing the power sources to operate the Capstan Winch, Rotec ensured the Hydraulic Power Packs could be petrol driven, alongside a battery to enable electric start and a remote electric start option for when personnel are perhaps in position up a pylon. 

An integrated cooling system and roll cage over the whole Capstan winching system unit adds overall protection to the investment as it is transported to site and used.  The complete winching system unit can be fully removed from the vehicle if and when required.

 As a further safety measure, Rotec engineers designed and manufactured a specially designed manually lowered ground anchor, to limit the ability of the vehicle to slide when the winch is engaged in more extreme winching situations.  The power Capstan winching system is designed to pull up to 350kg.

As part of the design and testing process Rotec also undertook the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in support of the Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).  Rotec ensures we provide the additional evidence within our design to ensure the vehicle conversion is strong, reliable and suited to the challenging environments in which it is designed to operate. 

The Rotec team is thrilled they enable others to reliably undertake time critical repairs and planned activity, all year round, in any conditions, at any height, to keep key utility services across the country operating. 

Are you looking for an alternative option to get something from A to B in a controlled way?  Rotec Hydraulics experienced team of Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Mechanical and Electrical engineers can help.  Please contact any of our locations across the south west for more information or assistance.


Date: 24/02/2020  Revised   Author: Carly Warren 


Defence Hose Assemblies

Hose Assemblies forJackal HMT

The Jackal HMT series is a supremely versatile platform with unparalleled cross‑country performance.

 Already well-proven in the harsh terrain of the Afghanistan battlefield, the 400 has a unique air suspension system that allows the selection of a variable ride height to match the terrain and also, enable internal loading within CH-47 Chinook.

 Rotec supported Babcock (DML) in 2009 with production of hose assemblies for the Jackal.

Rotec’s technical expertise, infrastructure and ability to utilise Parker technologies enabled the supply of the specialist hose kits suitable for hydraulic and auxiliary services. Kits were supplied fully assembled and tested.

Meet our External Sales Team

Adam Doney

Adam has been with Rotec just over 8 months. Previously, he worked for a hydraulics company in Falmouth for 12 years, working his way up from the trade counter to sales manager and board member, overseeing all company sales, purchasing and manpower, before moving onto a challenging new project managing a large system build for an offshore client. Adam’s extensive experience of working in the hydraulics industry across a variety sectors including marine, MOD, superyachts and offshore has made him a valuable addition to Rotec. 

Adam decided to join Rotec as it gave him the opportunity to immerse himself in the part of the job he enjoys the most, which is getting out and meeting people. In his spare time, Adam coaches his son’s rugby team at Penryn RFC, kayaks and enjoys listening to podcasts when out on the road.

Dale Lockart

Dale joined Rotec in September, which makes him the newest edition to the Sales team.

Previously, Dale spent 7 years as a Service and Installation Manager with a hydraulic systems company in Gloucester, looking after a small team of service engineers, dealing with customers on a regular basis and quoting for work. Prior to that he spent some time in New Zealand with a hydraulics company covering a variety of roles from component sales to CAD drawings and hands-on service work, before moving to the UAE supervising a machine shop in a ship yard.

Dale was excited to explore and develop the opportunities for Rotec’s services in and around Gloucestershire. He was attracted to working for a privately owned company with a family feel, as opposed to a larger corporation.

In his free time Dale enjoys spending quality time with the family, photography as well as the occasional DIY project on the house.

Date: 18/11/2019

Author: Sarka Humpolcova


Katie Trevarthen-Land: Work Experience

Katie Trevarthen-Land: Work Experience

Katie, who studies Level 3 Engineering at Bridgwater & Taunton college joined us for a week of work experience on the 28th October. We asked Katie’s a few questions…

What attracted you to Rotec for work experience? I live quite close to Rotec and I have heard that it is a really good company so I tried my best to get a place.

Do you have a specific engineering job in mind for when you finish college?  Unfortunately I don’t have a clear idea of what I would like to do specifically, all I know is that I would like to become an engineer and I don’t think I would want to go into an electrical field.

What do you like to do in you free time? In my free time I read a lot of fiction, as well as watch crime shows on tv, I also enjoy learning new things about the shows I watch, so about crime and the police and the military, these sorts of things.

How are you finding the experience so far? I am really enjoying it, I am learning an abundance of new things and it is amazing to experience the work place of the type of job I would like to do that I would like to go into. All the people I have met have been very welcoming and kind and overall my impression is that this is a lovely place to work.


Katie is going to spend a week at our Taunton Headquarters, working in a variety of different departments. 

  • Monday

Introductions and H&S including YP risk assessment, then joining the warehouse team for a basic overview of stores.

  • Tuesday

With the Warehouse & Stores team, introducesinto more in depth process review. Katie will be involved in booking in/out, Packing and Picking.

  • Wednesday

Basic website design principles, structured around a subject of Katie’s choice. Introduction to Profile writing and Customer Feedback Surveys using SurveyMonkey.

  • Thursday

Shadowing electrical engineers in the electrical bay and performing a variety of tasks.

  • Friday

Overview of design to conception. Basic engineering tasks within the workshop – use of hand tools etc. 


Propeller Press

A customer who we have a longstanding relationship with requested a propeller press    re-fit for us ein the marine industry.

The customer supplied the framework, into which we incorporated a new valve block, fabricated a weld on bracket for gauge and a pressure relief valve and fit custom made hydraulic hoses as per technical drawings supplied by Rotec.

This bespoke piece of kit is going to Indonesia for use with straightening propeller shafts, to check propeller shafts are true.

Contact us today to see if we can assist you with your fluid power project: or 01823 348 900

Date: 8/10/19

Author: Sarka Humpolcova


Warship Power Units & Reservoir

After 4 months work replacing hydraulic pipework on a warship, Rotec’s engineers needed to flush the pipes to meet the required cleanliness standards. Due to a change in conditions on board the decision was made to design and build modular bespoke power units and a standalone reservoir.

Rotec have a long history working with the defence industry and specialise in bespoke design and manufacture of hydraulic power units for marine applications, amongst others.

Our team designed and built the power units using 55Kw electric motors close coupled to Berarma Vane pumps and included a flowmeter and a pressure gauge. The Berarma pumps are pressure compensated with variable flow rates. This gives the operators the flexibility to tailor flows and pressures thus ensuring turbulent flow conditions are met to maximise the cleaning action.

Electrical control panels are mounted direct to the trollies to allow ease of use

The power units are fitted with castoring braked wheels for easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces. The Rotec team also designed and manufactured a standalone reservoir, suitable for multiple applications and high volume (fluid) displacement, enabling maximum flexibility as design changes can be incorporated or removed as desired. The system includes pressure return filters which help remove any contaminants from the existing system, ensuring the pipes comply with client specified level of cleanliness.

Rotec delivered to the tight deadline, with just 1 week turnover.

Date: 26/09/2019

Author: Sarka Humpolcova