Utilities and Transport

Rotec supplies parts and kits to manufacturers of rail maintenance equipment, road railers and access equipment, and has a long and successful history in designing and installing specialist apparatus that initiates and controls the many different operations required on road transport. A specialist division within our business has developed a unique system design for hydraulic winching equipment fitted to utility vehicles such as Mann, Unimog, Land Rover and Ford Ranger.

To date we have delivered over one thousand five hundred winch installations for Western Power Distribution and recently finished a design and prototype installation for the Toyota Hi-Lux, and Isuzu D-Max.

The designs have been readily accepted by utility companies and have a proven track record over fourteen years of arduous use. Directional valve controls are mounted in the cab and at the top of the nearside wing, enabling ease of control from both locations. Cut out safety controls are mounted within easy reach of the operator.

All our bumper designs and mountings are stress analysed using the latest computer software thereby ensuring the integrity of completed installations.

Case studies

Rotec supported National Grid with a maintenance project in the Chepstow area involving the lowering and raising of insulators on two 500ft high river crossing towers spanning the river Severn. The towers form part of the National Grid and the 21,000 towers owned by the company in the UK.

Our specialist team also designed and built a bespoke Tower Leg Caspstan Winch Assembly for the project, capable of lowering and raising heavy insulators on a system of ropes. The assembly consists of three main components; capstan winch, engine drive unit and a reservoir unit. The powerful units, with a safe working limit of up to 1 ton o a dynamic line pull, had to be as light and compact as possible while retaining the ability to tackle heavy loads.


Rotec offer quality design, build, installation and maintenance of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical mechanical and electronic components and systems across all industry sectors throughout the UK and internationally.

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