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Koo Superyacht

Project management & refits in Auckland and La Ciotat France

Previously employed in New Zealand but now our Plymouth Manager, Dave Nance was involved in a successful refit in 2014 while the vessel was in Auckland

Based on this relationship and knowledge of the yacht Rotec were invited to quote on extensive hydraulic upgrades and periodic maintenance on board SY Koo.

The work was scheduled to take place Mid 2015 at Composite Works, La Ciotat an award winning Superyacht refit yard in the South of France.

After detailed discussions with the yacht’s Chief Engineer Rotec were able to draw up a Scope of Work

Due to the nature of repairs the work was carried out at La Ciotat France and Rotec Workshops, Plymouth & Taunton

A crew of four mobilised and set up camp on site at La Ciotat

Scope of work

  1. Supply and fitting of control manifolds, the manifolds control sails, windlasses and cranes
  2. Overhaul various hydraulic sail control cylinders
  3. Overhaul Passerelle cylinders
  4. Overhaul thruster raise/lower and lock cylinders
  5. Overhaul deck crane cylinders
  6. Supply and fit various electrical controls
  7. Assist with various problem solving relating to maintenance issues
  8. Source replacement Winch motor/ gearbox drives
  9. Advise on future maintenance requirements
  10. Provide worldwide technical support


During the job hoses were replaced as part of the ongoing replacement programme, all hoses were static pressure tested to twice the working pressure on Rotec’s own in house test rig. Hose ends were 316SS to avoid corrosion issues in the marine environment.

Hose details were recorded for future reference

Rotec is an accredited BFPDA Hose assembly facility, Plymouth being a Certified Ministry of Defence Def.Stan hose assembly location.

Rotec offer quality design, build, installation and maintenance of hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic components and systems in the aerospace, agriculture, industrial, marine, transport and utilities sectors throughout the UK and internationally.Head office: +44 (0)1823 348900

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