Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is at the forefront of motion control technology. IoT enables engineers to remotely control and monitor various performance and safety parameters using strategically placed, wireless sensors to provide data and control systems over the internet. IoT technology can lead to a reduction in downtime, better response rates and speed of intervention for predictive maintenance.

Everyday examples of IoT include smart home security systems or wearable health monitors. In terms of engineering, the potential for IoT is staggering, from autonomous agricultural equipment to advanced monitoring systems allowing machinery to be monitored from any location worldwide.

Rotec has invested in IoT devices to offer this forethinking technology to our new and existing customers.

As part of Rotec’s ethos to maximise the use of the latest technology, data analysis and to find environmentally sustainable solutions for our customers, we offer a range of Parker IoT products suited to all sector markets that rely on hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical mechanical engineering solutions.

This data centric and digital approach enhances both our own and our clients’ understanding of what really ‘works’ when designing hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical mechanical systems. It complements the other services delivered by of our brand such as bespoke design, custom builds, maintenance, repair and overhaul activities.

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