Parker IQAN

Parker Iqan software and modular family hardware systems provide an easy and unique way of controlling and monitoring a wide range of mobile and marine applications. The system provides full graphical, diagnostic and CAN gateway capability with easy to use IQAN programming tools.

Parker’s IQAN-MD4 is a family of master display units for IQAN control systems. The IQAN-MD4 is fully programmable for use in any machine application as a master controller. Read more
Parker IQAN systems are a unique way of interfacing, controlling and monitoring hydraulics in a variety of machine applications. Parker IQAN systems can be integrated to provide the modern alternative to mechanical and electro-mechanical systems, allowing bespoke functionality and ergonomic user interfacing.  Parker IQAN offers remarkable flexibility with designing user-friendly software that can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

  • The rugged mobile controllers offer ease of programmability, configurable inputs and outputs and CAN-based communication system via Parker’s ICP (IQAN CAN Protocol) with the option for CAN interface with CAN open and SAE J1939 protocol.
  • The IQAN range now offers a selection of functional safety modules the IQAN® SIL2/PLd controllers which are certified to IEC 61508 SIL2.
  • The IQANdesign platform provides an intuitive tool for programming, simulation, testing, production, service, maintenance, diagnostics and monitoring.
  • The range of compact slave modules offer an extensive range of I/O configurations including analogue, digital, diagnostic and pulse input signals and Digital, PWM or current-controlled outputs.
  • The MD4 master display modules with touch screen capabilities can be used with the IQAN-SV Ethernet (IP) camera. The IQAN-SV is a high resolution IP camera using an Ethernet video link that can be used for applications including blind spot monitoring or rear view camera with in the IQAN system.

Rotec Hydraulics, as the only certified Parker Hydraulic Technology Centre in the south of the UK, offer unparalleled expertise in Parker products and system integration for a variety of industries and applications:

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We have a competent team with in-house technical expertise in system design, specification, development and software programming as well as the ability to build, install, commission and support bespoke systems for our customers.

Rotec offer quality design, build, installation and maintenance of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical mechanical and electronic components and systems across all industry sectors throughout the UK and internationally.

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